Thursday, September 2, 2010

Beautiful Bosnian Song Interpretation From Amira and Merima Kljuco

Traditional Bosnian song, judging from the recording at hand, is something to listen to with absorption. That is, if you love the Eastern European-Middle Eastern minor mode. In the hands of Amira, richly nuanced vocalist, and Marima Klujko, accordionist with an orchestral conception of his accompanying role, it becomes transformed. Zumra (World Village 450012), released this summer, is a CD that straddles folk and high art, whatever those terms mean today (which is to say the meanings are changing).

Merima's accordion has an evocative cantabile lyrical quality to it. And on some songs there are dissonances that punctuate the harmonies. It makes things all that much more interesting. Amira has a beautiful voice that she puts to wonderful use in giving forth with impassioned interpretations of the folk strains.

Great songs, great singing, great and innovative accompaniment. It shows you that world music can do with its music what it likes these days. In the case of Zumra, the performers triumph.

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