Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Either/Orchestra Celebrates 25 Years with New Release

Mood Music for Time Travellers (Accurate 3285) kicks off the 25th anniversary celebration of the Either/ Orchestra, a large ensemble dedicated to modern-tight arranging-composing and a sense of adventure.

The new disk sees them take a retrospective look at American music forms: jazz boogaloo (see yesterday's posting for my feelings on that in general), Ellingtonian rhumba, Latin jazz, reggae, and such.

As always Russ Gershon and the group go the extra mile for compositions and arrangements that have flash, polish and full musical content. The Latin numbers are especially invigorating, aided and abetted by new member pianist Rafael Alcala.

The album is filled with examples of how and why the Either/Orchestra is one of the most sophisticated, accomplished and dynamic large ensembles working today.

Grab an earful of this new one and I think you'll be very pleased! Happy 25th to the Either/Orchestra.

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