Saturday, September 18, 2010

David Borgo and his Trio: "Initial Conditions"

David Borgo has many sides to his musical personality. Initial Conditions (Circumvention) gives you the modern jazz trio side. It's a "blowing" date structured by very good original material and each member carries his weight with a lithe and swinging countenance. Gunnar Biggs can play a very accomplished and notable solo, then go on to swing the group heartily. Duncan Moore plays a very together role as a swinging drummer who can get a little out but can also really propulse. There's nothing hackneyed about either player's style; they play in the freebop tradition, but with their own horizons in sight.

David Borgo sounds great on alto, tenor, and soprano saxes and also alto flute and Irish flute.

The pieces are about half by Borgo, three by Biggs and a couple by some names that are new to me.

What you get is a beautiful performance of some solid material. There are some quasi-African-like pieces, burning swingers, some out-of-time and free-floating avant balladry and a little advanced funk.

It's quite good. More than quite good. Highly recommended.

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