Thursday, September 23, 2010

Good Vibes On Chris Graham's "After-Birth of the Cool"

If you've dug the alternately dreamy and pointed tonal excursions of Gary Burton's vibraphone artistry, Chris Graham is an important exponent and extension of the style, and so you will find yourself on familiar yet somehow regenerated ground if you listen to his recent After-Birth of the Cool (Chris Graham Jazz).

It's Mr. Graham and his trio (Alex Austin, acoustic bass; Oliver Hunt, drums) holding forth for around 30 minutes of good sounds. The bass and drums give solid and sensitive support while Chris Graham shows his tasteful, subtly swinging multi-malleted harmonic-melodic abilities, which are considerable.

Most of these seem to be originals and they are appealing. But I especially like the version of Ralph Towner's "Icarus," a Winter's Consort signature song that here is given a lyrical vibes trio treatment.

It's all good, if short.

Chris Graham is a vibraphonist of distinction. The CD is a delight.


  1. Knowing that there is an album called After-Birth of the Cool makes the universe just a little better, don't you think?

  2. I do agree Jason. I am only surprised that it took this long for it to happen. Chris Graham is a good player though, so I'm glad he was the one to do it.