Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sabir Mateen's Quartet Gives Us "Just A Little Something," Volume One

Tenor-reedman Sabir Mateen, through a long tenure with drum-giant Sunny Murray, with his own groups and other significant associations, has proven to be one of New York's prime avant jazz figures in recent years. He's absorbed the free tradition and realized his original, personal version of it. Albums made with his own groups can come in and out-of-print rapidly, which is a sign of the times. So when one comes along it's important to grab it while you can.

A new release of his quartet, Just A Little Something, Volume One (Deep Listening Institute) is a full set that the group played in Kingston, NY, 2006. (Volume Two continues where One leaves off, but I have not heard it yet.)

This is a ready-to-GO ensemble with free energy drumming from Ravish Momin, the bass and cello of Jane Wang, energetic out piano from Raymond A. King, and the alto, tenor, Bb and alto clarinet, and flute of Sabir. The group is game and Maestro Mateen puts in an excellent performance.

Those who have dug the artist in previous recordings and/or live will not be disappointed. Those new to his music will get a nice introduction here. It's available for a good price at the usual downloadaries. Catch it!

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