Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Confusion Bleue, Total Improvisations, 2007

I covered several weeks ago a newer re- cording by Con- fusion Bleue (see index). Today we go back a little to an earlier recording made by the unit, a studio date from 2007. Total Improvisation (Soul Note) is a disk with some very good moments of collective and individual contributions, all spontaneously improvised except a version of Miles' "Blue in Green."

The rhythm section of Ray Sage (drums) and Tyler Goodwin (bass) is busy, tumultuous, hot, setting the stage well for Ross Bonadonna on guitars and Nobu Stowe on piano and electric piano. As on the later disk Lee Pembleton handles the live mix in ways that occasionally give an expanded electro-acoustic dimension to the sound.

Stowe is in a very varied mood for the date, covering rubato expressiveness, all-over chargings forward, rock-jazz straight-eight and areas in between. Ross gets some beautiful noting in, has a pronounced electricity when needed and adds a little alto sax too that does not detract.

And in the end one is especially impressed with the many places this music goes and the leverage that makes most of the forays kickingly valuable. A mostly great set from a band I wish we could hear again!

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