Monday, July 22, 2013

Virginie Teychene, Bright and Sweet

A singer who has it all? Nobody has it all. But there are those that are close. Virginie Teychene, and her Bright and Sweet (Jazz Village) CD, has a whole lot of all. It's a small combo of worth backing up one real, full-blown JAZZ VOCALIST. There is no mistaking, whether in be a standard or something less known, what she brings to the mix.

A great instrument that has velvet silkiness and power when she needs it, intonation exactitude in a pretty big way, nuance and control, phrasing brilliance, melisma, scat, intervallic sharpshooting.

A singer this good, she must be heard. Well I am not a DJ so I can't put the music in front of you. She can swing, she can wistfully dwell on balladic thoughts and phrases.

No she is not Betty Carter or Sarah Vaughan. Who is? But there is something musical there, very much so, and so there is some relation to the invention of Betty and the pitchy-sass of Sarah. That's why I like her. In part. Great!

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