Thursday, December 18, 2014

Alicia Olatuja, Timeless

If you heard Brooklyn-born Alicia Olatuja sing at the 2013 Presidential Inauguration, then you are prepared for what you get on her beautiful album Timeless (World Tune). Her voice is rather incredible. And she puts it to excellent use in a series of songs both familiar and less-so. The music is soulful and jazz inflected in a general way, in part thanks to her bassist husband Michael Olatuja who had a hand in the production and arrangements from what I understand. He plays some really nice bass, too.

Listen to her version of "Human Nature" and you'll hear right away that you are in the presence of a vocalist of extraordinary depth, finesse and beauty.

And every track one way or another confirms that, whether it be "Over the Rainbow," "Amazing Grace," or "Truth in Blue."

I don't usually get clammed up, to say the least. Her voice leaves me speechless. Consider me clammed right now. You want something to warm you up inside, the voice of Alicia Olatuja does that.

Hear this one!

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