Friday, December 26, 2014

Natsuki Tamura, Alexander Frangenheim, Nax

Natsuki Tamura is the trumpet master often associated with Satoko Fujii, as many will know. He has built a solid reputation out there as a free player who can go folkish or get very abstract, depending on the project. Today we hear him in the latter zone, in duet with contrabassist Alexander Frangenheim on a CD program entitled Nax (Creative Resources CD 280).

Tamura and Frangenheim dedicate themselves to fully abstracted free soundings, from full-toned utterances to noise-tinged sound colors. It's not an album where a tango or an old folk song intervenes; it is uncompromising new music making, both well conceived and sequentially unfolding.

As avant zoning it more or less pre-selects itself to listeners attuned to the outer stratosphere. Those who appreciate the inventive turbulence and sometimes quietude of cutting-edge improv will find this a bracing adventure into what can be done.

It blows, pizzes, and bows its way into rare territory with confidence and creativity. If you respond to that as I do, you will find this one a real ear-opener!

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