Friday, August 5, 2016

Buck Curran, Immortal Light

It's time we stop feeling nostalgia for worthy genres that are still with us and wise up to the artistic content of them. Or at least I am thinking that as I listen to Buck Curran's Immortal Light (ESP 5014). This is an album of what one might call psychedelic folk, art songs that hearken back to The Incredible String Band among many others, yet sing to us today, with originality.

Buck I take it is playing acoustic & electric guitar and singing, along with some harmonium, banjo and flute. Shanti Deschaine sings and plays harmonium a bit.

Together they get a spacy sound via studio magic. The vocals are right where they should be. And the lyrics take you off on a trip.

It is music that transcends nostalgia by making advances in the genre, by the beauty of the tunes. It feels like today more than a wishful trip to yesterday.

The arrangements are always musical and give it all a variety of sonic landscapes.

It's an album I must say I increasingly welcome into my ear space.

Utterly recommended for those who want to forge ahead in the space music zone.

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