Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Peter Kuhn Trio, The Other Shore

When a very well respected avant jazz reedist comes out with his first record date as a leader in 35 years, there is reason to take note, and in the case here, to celebrate. There were personal dragons to slay back in the late seventies and for a while Peter Kuhn stopped playing. But with The Other Shore (No Business NBCD 78) he is back and stronger than ever.

The trio is an excellent one with Kyle Motl on bass and Nathan Hubbard on drums. Peter gets his own sound on Bb and bass clarinet, tenor and alto.

What's especially nice about the album is the variety of moods. There are forays into energy music but always with space for all three players to get their ideas across. And there are what you might call free ballads, too, where there is a bit of introspection.

It is wonderful to hear Peter sounding so good again. This is the sort of album to live with and grow into, for there is as much subtlety as there is direct expression. It's no doubt the comeback album of the year so far!

Get it and listen!

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