Friday, August 26, 2016

Leap of Faith Orchestra, The Expanding Universe

Boston is PEK country. The avant reedman-composer is on a mission up there: to turn the world onto free improv music, free jazz. He's been recording prolifically lately with a number of his ensembles. The Leap of Faith Orchestra is no doubt his most ambitious project and can be heard to very good advantage on their album The Expanding Universe (Evil Clown 9110).

The release gives us one very long and rather exciting work for the full ensemble, which at that point consisted of 15 members, including Yedidyah Sid Smart on drums, Charlie Kohlhase on saxes, Glynis Lomon on cello. aquasonic and voice, in addition to reeds, trumpet, vibes, two more drummers, two basses, two violins, trombone-tuba, and piano.

This is a bracing collage of ever-varying sound color universes and at times they kick up a hell of a fuss! Other times they are a bit more focused within.

But all told you are in for a wildly free trip into the nether worlds of the universe. Nice one!


  1. Thanks again for your insightful words Grego!
    Here's a bunch of other links for this release!!

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  2. My pleasure, Dave. Thanks for giving us some additional links to hunt down!