Monday, April 4, 2011

Billy Fox's Blackbirds and Bullets and their "Dulces"

Billy Fox writes and arranges music for a modern jazz sextet (plus Fox doing maracas and a violin player guesting on one track) on his album Dulces (Clean Feed 204). It's music that's well worth hearing.

There are quasi-world grooves, soulful riffs that build up with rootsy ensemble lines and funked out grooves. The soloists are cool, the music engaging.

What's most interesting here is Fox's straightforwardly effective music and the way it is arranged.

It's modern; it's not slick; it's not that out; it dwells in a timeless realm of earthiness. If Trane's album Dial Africa had a modern equivalent it would be this.


  1. I was a little disappointed. The album gets off to a great start and then it doesn't really go anywhere. In fact the two extra long tunes Deva Dasi and Elisha and the She Bears somehow don't really have enough 'meat' to keep the two chords going that they turn around - if i remember correctly.

    But I must say that anyone who enjoys Fela Kuti will love this one, in fact it has something of the same spirit, but with more 'finesse'.

  2. Thanks Joesh for your take on this one. Since I don't know Billy Fox's music I had no expectations, and I wasn't disappointed for that. If a CD keeps me interested on some level, I feel like it's been worth the listen. That happened to me with this one. Would I put it on a par with some of my favorite music? No. But that doesn't take away from what it DOES do, for me anyway.

    Thanks again for your input.