Friday, February 17, 2012

Eddie Daniels - Roger Kellaway Live at the Library of Congress

Here are two players who have gone their own way throughout their careers. Both Eddie Daniels and Roger Kellaway have roots in swing and modern jazz. They have formidable technical skills and impeccable musicality.

They joined together for some very lively clarinet-piano duets at the Library of Congress this past year. The album that resulted is logically called Live at the Library of Congress (IPO 1021).

It's a mix of standards and originals, done with freedom, exuberance and inspiration. These are two players who take advantage of their long seasoning to produce music that is primed and has a free-depth to it that comes after many years of practicing the improvisatory arts. And the interplay is pretty remarkable too. Two masters in their prime....

Very recommended.

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