Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Francois Carrier-Michel Lambert-Alexey Lapin, All Out, 2011

All Out (FMR 321-0911) is just that. It's the free trio of Francois Carrier (alto), Michel Lambert (drums) and Alexy Lapin (piano) going at it full tilt. It's all about the notes, the flow, the intensity of inspired expression.

Francois sounds especially on top of it for this date. He plays an unending flurry of very together note-ing, spurred on by some excellent Alexey Lapin piano and the always lucid drums of Michel Lambert.

It's seventy-some-odd minutes of great free jazz. Carrier is at the top of his game and the trio is rather remarkably going All Out. Needless to say you really should hear it.

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