Monday, March 19, 2012

FAS Trio, "Chimeco"

The FAS Trio is a heady blend of sax-bass-drums. Their album Chimeco (Discos Intolerancia) showcases a major free outing by the group. They are Mexico-based for the most part. Remi Alvarez is the tenorist, David Sanchez is the contrabassist and Jorge Fernandez takes on the drums.

And the result is some fine improvising. Remi Alvarez has a strong tone. In his own way he takes to heart Sam Rivers' challenge for players to develop their own phrasings, their own way. He does. There is strong work from Mr. Alvarez from start to finish, in an expanded tonal mode. Mr. Sanchez's contrabass and Mr. Fernandez's drums are right there with him in a three-way expression that hangs together as a cohesive, freely improvised whole.

The set has energy, poise and melodic movement of an inspired sort. You can grab the album on i tunes. And if you are a free-thing enthusiast, you will want to! Recommended. Otra vez!

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