Tuesday, May 29, 2012

David Bindman Ensemble, Sunset Park Polyphony

The David Bindman Ensemble, in their recent 2-CD opus Sunset Park Polyphony (self-released), follows in the footsteps of ensembles dedicated to modern jazz composition and adventurous improvisation. Like the ensembles of Henry Threadgill, Dave Holland, and Tim Byrne, this band's music has structured compositional elements interwoven with contemporary soloing that is not quite free in the sense of Ayler or Ornette, but neither is it tied into bop-lifting, according to the jazz detective I hired to investigate.

All humor aside (and perhaps it is already aside anyway) the ensemble has much going for it with Bindman's compositions, his alto and his tenor, plus Wes Brown on contrabass, Royal Hartigan, drums, Art Hirahara, piano, Frank London, trumpet and flugel, and Reut Regev on trombone.

This is Bindman's showcase and that of his ensemble. If they keep moving in this direction they'll have something. Perhaps they might free it up a little bit more often but that's just my gut reaction. Nice music.

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