Friday, May 18, 2012

Francois Carrier, Michel Lambert, Alexey Lapin, In Motion

Altoist Francois Carrier made a trip to Russia in December of 2010. He fielded an excellent trio in drummer Michel Lambert and Russian pianist Alexey Lapin. A first CD of a concert in Moscow came out some time ago under the title Inner Spire (see my review of September 23, 2011 on these pages).

A second volume is now avilable, In Motion (Leo 623) and it continues to document this completely free, completely improvised trio holding forth. Alexey has power and a sustained ability to create vibrant onslaughts. Though the piano here at the St-Petersburg venue is slightly detuned, he creates a sound matrix that adds a great deal to the overall vibe.

Drummer Lambert gets the free kicks, punctuations and turbulent percussion undercurrent going in fine ways. He drives the energy level up and helps keep it there.

Francois Carrier as one might expect has his powerful tone and dynamo passion at full output this night. He's an altoist that one can be sure will put in excellent work no matter what the occasion. A post-Trane full-toned reediness and gradual sort of ascension forms the centerpiece and highlight of this performance. He is incandescent.

So there you have it. Another fine gig with this one-time lineup, well recorded and filled with bristling electric energy.


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