Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kidd Jordan, On Fire

Kidd Jordan has it. He has had it for many years and perhaps the world is finally catching up with him. He brings his tenor to the trio date On Fire (Engine) and kindles a free-improvisational flame that burns brightly throughout the entire session.

With him are two world-class improvisors: Warren Smith on drums and vibes, and Harrison Bankhead, on cello so my information tells me, though Harrison often sticks with the lower register to get the bass tones more often than not.

This is free-flowing fare. Kidd burns, Warren gets a beautiful diversity of sounds and accents, freely tumbling, and Harrison whips together a veritable froth of double stops, fundamentals, and driving torque.

If you know these three players you can probably already imagine what this will sound like. It does not disappoint. Kidd is one of those big-eared tenorman that has the tone and imagination to move you off your seat. With the considerable savvy and drive of his trio-mates he does. If you don't have a representative example of the Jordan approach, this is a good one. But it is equally good to flesh out your collection. It's Mr. Jordan undiluted.

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