Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ches Smith, Psycho Predictions

The very hip drummer Ches Smith, a name that should be familiar to the devotee, combines his driving/smart style of drumming with some bold electronics on the new LP Psycho Predictions (Preposterous Bee).

This is hot stuff, avant, with some of the drive of rock but the sensibility of the new music and what sometimes we call jazz.

It is very electronic, so if you hate that (and shame on you if you do) you might not take to it at first. For the others, open your ears and you will get three provocative pieces that fuse drumming, percussion, vibes and synthesizer/computer programming into a big-aysed congress of newness.

It's compositional and it works. And the performances are right there in your face in the best sort of way. So listen (more than once) and you'll get someplace from here.

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