Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Jerry Granelli Trio, Let Go

From veteran ace drummer Jerry Granelli comes a nice trio outing, Let Go (Plunge 00638). Jerry is on drums and sounds loose and swingingly nuanced; Simon Fisk doubles on contrabass and cello and fills an important melodic and rhythmic role, plus he's excellent with a bow or pizz; and there is Danny Gore on tenor, baritone and soprano. He's his own man.

All the numbers are co-written by the entire trio and have memorability and plenty of musicality. The pieces, perhaps because all three had a hand in them, flow naturally in terms of composition-arrangement and improvisation.

For several numbers they are joined by Mary Jane Lamond on vocals. She has a playfulness to her vocalizing, a good sound and adds quite a bit to the mix when she is present.

This is post-bop at its loose but focused best. The trio, with or without Ms. Lamond, is a winner. Well worth hearing!

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