Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Akira Sakata, Nobuyasu Furuya, Live at the Bitches Brew

In keeping with yesterdays posting on Nobuyasu Furuya's Quintet, we dive in today with a lengthy duet between Akira Sakata and Nobuyasu, Live at the Bitches Brew (Transheart/Solid 1470). It's a Japanese release of the two (Sakata on alto and clarinet, Furuya on tenor, alto, clarinet, flute and percussion) holding forth for an extended set.

Free improvisation is the order of the day with lots of energy and fire. They get an old-fashioned blow-out going much of the time, with some quieter sections interwoven into the set as relief and respite.

Those who like a hard-core romp with two blazing horns will appreciate this. I think a rhythm section would have brought this fire into brighter relief, but I am sure that will happen if it hasn't already. The two match horns with power and dash!

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