Monday, December 16, 2013

Duduka Da Fonseca Trio, New Samba Jazz Directions

Samba Jazz in a piano trio context goes back. The Zimbo Trio were one of the very exceptional exponents in the last half of the last decade. But time moves on. For what's happening right now a good place to turn is on the Duduka Da Fonseca Trio album New Samba Jazz Directions (Zoho 201310).

Of course Duduka is the drummer on this one and he sounds fabulous. He finds some very simpatico and vibrant compatriots in spirit with David Feldman on piano and Guto Wirtti on bass. They run the gauntlet of sophisticated samba grooves with a LOT of excellent piano, hip bass and the excellent, subtle yet devastating samba swing style of drummer Fonseca.

As you might expect there are compositional-changed based numbers that put everything in line. Feldman writes four, Duduka two, Guto one and there are others by others. All set things up and have memorable qualities.

This one has that supercharged samba piano trio thing happening--and if you know what that is, you KNOW this is a very good thing. Time doesn't stand still so there's development and movement happening here. It has many levels. You could spend an entire listen on what Duduka is doing alone--and all three lock together so that it all kicks up plenty of dust and has some balladic breathing space, too.


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