Thursday, April 24, 2014

Dave Rempis, Aphelion

We are back today with another new Dave Rempis album, Aphelion (Aerophonic 004). A couple of days ago we looked at his duo disk with Tim Daisy. Today it is a trio with Joshua Abrams on acoustic bass, guimbri and small harp, and Avreeayl Ra on percussion. Dave on this one concentrates on alto and baritone.

All three cuts were recorded live and the mood is free with some world overtones. The band shows versatility with inclusions of folk-world instruments, notably the kalimba, the small harp, and the stringed guimbri, a lower-register instrument that gnawa music from Morocco features prominently.

Everybody contributes greatly to the results on this three-way outing. Dave at times sounds more declamatory in a world-reeds sort of way. Abrams and Ra bring in their pan-world elements nicely and the more "conventional" free jazz moments burn brightly.

It's another good one!

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