Friday, April 11, 2014

Paul Stapleton, Simon Rose, Fauna

One of the good things about doing these blogs is hearing music you never would have purchased on your own--because, who knows? When the music turns out to be excellent it gives you a leg up on what's out there.

That's how I feel about the rather obscure new release by Paul Stapleton and Simon Rose, Fauna (pfMentum 074). Stapleton plays something he calls a bonsai sound sculpture, with various sounding devices plucked, hit and whatnot--a pitched and unpitched percussion and stringed conglomerate. Simon Rose is on baritone and alto saxes.

Their duets are entirely out-avant. Rose sounds especially good on baritone. Stapleton makes all matter of sounds.

What counts is that there is a Zen ON quality to be heard in the phrasing, sequencing, and silences. These guys have that extra-sensory antennae that allow them to think in mutual blocks of sound and more sound.

It works and works and works. That's rare! If you like zoned-out will definitely go for this.

Highly recommended.

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