Monday, September 22, 2014

The Impossible, Ignition, The Unanswered Question

When my basically chronologically ordered queue piles unearth something from a while back, I sometimes have no idea how it chose to surface now. Not that the pile has a mind of its own (I hope not) but the stress and strain of getting through life blanks out the details. So when the trio known as the Impossible and their CD Ignition, The Unanswered Question (UHF-01) hit the top of the "to review" stack, I know I had heard it initially and liked it. Beyond that, zip.

The CD was recorded live in Brisbane last year, apparently came out last October, and here we are. Some things are worth the wait. As I played it the requisite times last week I remembered why I liked it. It is brash, thrashing free trio jazz from Sam O'Brien, alto, Mitch Green, acoustic bass, and Tony Irving, drums.

This has all the trappings of a DIY release. Simple graphics and production values, little info. The recording is quite reasonable and clear. It captures the trio in the throes of over-the-top spontaneity.

There is plenty of heat and frisson on this all-free two-part set. Sam O'Brien carries on throughout with some frenetic chromatic outbursts that are well-seconded by Mitch Green and especially drummer Irving.

Does this cover new territory, break new ground? Not really. But should we expect that out of every free jazz outing? No, not really. What saves this date from the dust bin is the uncompromising freedom. It will not change the world and there are others who have conquered free space with greater distinction, but for sheer abandon this one has something to offer.

It's perhaps for the free jazz completist more than anyone else. Nevertheless you have to admire the zeal with which they go about it! Tony Irving's drumming is classic bombast and virtuoso all the way. Sam O'Brien never lets up. Mitch Green thunders. You have to hand it to them for all that.

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