Friday, March 13, 2015

Tony Malaby Tamarindo with William Parker and Nasheet Waits, Somos Agua

In the hubbub of new music I am exposed to daily I sometimes take a little bit to realize the full stature of an artist. That has been true of Tony Malaby, soprano and tenor saxophonist extraordinaire. Although I have appreciated (and reviewed) a fair amount of his music, the cumulative impact of his recent output only hits me now. He is a player to be reckoned with, an avant jazz voice of importance and originality.

The latest album has given me that boost over the wall into real recognition. It is Malaby and Tamarindo. The album is entitled Somos Agua (Clean Feed 304).

The trio setting is an especially good one. New York's premiere avant bassist William Parker gives the trio a vibrant front-line presence and distinctively inventive rhythm teammate to the ever articulate drummer Nasheet Waits. Tony Malaby floats atop this formidable partnership in free-flowing focus, timbral color and hip lining.

This is a free date that has strong connections to the jazz lineage and an articulate dialogue that flows and overflows with a kind of open clarity you don't often get. These are three of the masters of modern improvisation so that should not surprise. But they are also very primed to high expression throughout the session.

There are no lulls, no preliminary gropeings. They get to it straight off and stay right in there.

Excellent performances from some of the very best! Needless to say that makes this one pretty indispensable.



  1. Thanks Gregory ! Good to know someone gets it ! Tony

  2. Hey thanks Tony! Everybody is smoking like Fafner and Fasolt on this one!! Three rings and no dopy dwarfs! Seriously inspired. Glad I have it!