Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Biggi Vinkeloe, Cheryl Pyle, etc., Flute Duo/ Raw Sound Sweden, Live at Downtown Music Gallery

Last March 15th avant jazz improv reed master Biggi Vinkeloe was visiting New York to touch bases and do some playing. On that night she carried her music to the Downtown Music Gallery in Manhattan for two segments. The results are available as a download album entitled Flute Duo/Raw Sound Sweden, Live at Downtown Music Gallery (11th Street Music). This is a prime "women in the new jazz" showcase with some very lively music.

The main part of the night is the Raw Sound Sweden segment, with Biggi on alto sax, Elsa Bergman, bass, Anna Hogberg, alto sax, Malin Wattring, tenor sax, Signe Dahlgreen, tenor sax, Anna Lund, drums, and two important resident New Yorkers--bassist Shayna Dulberger and flautist Cheryl Pyle guesting. It is primo open-ended avant jazz with lots of saxophonics in the new and newer zone and a very structured sense of freedom.

The second half is devoted to Biggi and Cheryl in a "Sonata for Two Flutes," a duet with a significant meeting of Cheryl and her patented flute ways and Biggi in her own zone.

It is music of a special sort, Biggi carrying forward her own linear sensitivity with some very choice co-musicians. This is a good one for those (and hey, that should be everybody) who want to keep abreast of the women in jazz movement. Nice sounds, bravo!

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