Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Loop 2.4.3, Time-Machine Music

Loop 2.4.3 is the name of the "entity" devoted to performing the music of Thomas Kozumplik. Time-Machine Music (Music Starts from Silence 06) is the latest album. It is an electro-acoustic reconfiguring of a percussion ensemble of Chinese tom-toms, Indian bells, crotales, log drums, tambourim, bass drum, percussion sample pad, tape echo, delay, marimba, vibraphone, Thai gongs, piano, Wurlitzer, steel drum, kalimba and vocals. The composer plays all of these instruments and uses samples to extend the sounds, and then there is a reworking via digital means.

The music takes advantage of looping to create rhythmic cycles that mesmerize in a quasi-minimalist way while maintaining a linear rhythmic thrust that allows for continued development and variation. There are parts that use samples to sound akin to contemporary tracking in hip-hop worlds, though different in kind. Other parts seem more percussion-ensemble oriented.

All of it retains your interest and does not follow any typical road map. What do you call it? Loop 2.4.3. It will appeal to those who like contemporary sounds with percussive grooves and to the generally adventurous. Give this one a listen!

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