Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bill Dixon, "Intents and Purposes," Beautifully Done Reissue of a Classic

Bill Dixon's Intents and Purposes (RCA) came out in 1967. It probably would have had a much greater impact had it stayed in print longer. By the early '70s it was only available as a hard-to-find, expensive import in the States.

Thankfully an excellent reissue has been made available to us by International Phonograph for the RCA reissue series. It has an LP style gatefold cover with the original art and liner notes, the CD is imprinted with the original label, and there is a paper insert with the liner notes updated for today. The remastering is excellent.

This was Bill Dixon appearing before the public as a startling trumpet master of avant sounds and a jazz composer of major stature. It's a mid-sized group for "Metamorphosis," a smaller group for "Voices," and trumpet and flute only for the "Nightfall Pieces." They seque together as a cohesive, massively innovative essay in evocative sound color. It is the fully mature Dixon and it is a masterpiece.

If we have the pain of losing Bill Dixon the living artist, we DO have the joy of hearing his music in recorded form. This one is essential!

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