Thursday, October 3, 2013

Charles Evans, Subliminal Leaps, with David Liebman

Baritone saxist, compositionally minded Charles Evans has been doing some very interesting albums over the last several years. He comes through once again with his Subliminal Leaps (More is More 132). This time out he fields a quartet that includes the presence of his mentor David Liebman on soprano, along with pianist Ron Stabinsky (who is also on the new MOPDTK, see entry of a few days ago) and bassist Tony Marino.

This one has a very well-turned chamber jazz feel to it, with very adventurous soloing from all juxtaposed with and contained within a six-part composition (the album is named after it). There is a AACM feel to this music, along the lines of classic Braxton, Mitchell and Abrams without sounding derivative. It has its own, originally slanted new music architectual heft and improvisational avant sweep. It bodes well for where Charles Evans is headed, for movement most certainly is a part of his career thus far and there is a long ways he can travel given his relative youth.

Charles chose the right people. Maestro Liebman excels in this setting, as he does in almost any setting he becomes a part of, but then Stabinsky and Marino are expressively integral, too. Charles Evans sounds his usual lucid, inventive self.

So what more is there to say? Only that the no-joke advanced music proffered here is an excellent start on who Charles Evans is. It is pretty essential avant chamber jazz whether you know his other work or not. Get it while you can!

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