Friday, October 11, 2013

The Curators, Heavy Metal Spartacus, Free Album Download Available

Avant jazz group The Curators want you to hear their music. They are so eager for that to happen that they are offering you their album Heavy Metal Spartacus as a free download. Go to click on "Buy Now" and then either list a donation of whatever you choose or simply type in zero and you promptly will get a link for the download.

I was not familiar with this band previously but I have listened closely to Heavy Metal Spartacus and I find definite merit there. It's not heavy metal; the title is a kind of joke. Instead it is heavy in its own way but more in the realm of open form freely articulated jazz improvisation. Mikko Innanen plays saxophones, especially sounding well on baritone, James Ilgenfritz is on acoustic bass, and Joe Hertenstein is on drums. The date is live at a club in Brooklyn, with decent sound, and gives you a good idea of where they are at. They have a certain punkyness along with an adventurous sense of group interplay. All are players and bring something of themselves to the stage.

They have a studio album coming out next month on Engine, so of course they hope you will like this one and buy the new one when available. I find them quite interesting. Hey, for free, what can you lose?

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