Monday, February 24, 2014

Paula Santoro, Mar do Meu Mundo (The Sea In My World)

What makes Brazilian samba-pop-jazz so wonderful when it is done right? Saudade? That and everything else that makes up the heritage of the music. Paula Santoro is a new singer on the scene there, from what I understand. And her album Mar do Meu Mundo (The Sea In My World), which was out late last year, gives me that glowing warmth I get from the greats from earlier eras. There is a poetic quality, a bitter-sweet presence.

She has a beautiful voice, impeccable in almost an off-hand way. Perfect. Direct. The songs are very appealing. The arrangements have a contemporary feel but also those great Brazilian roots--nylon-stringed guitar, triangle, berimbau, carnival-style choruses sometimes, all those good things.

It's a great album. I am not just saying that because I do love it. You want Brazil today? Here it is!!

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