Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Yeahwon Shin, Lua Ya

Korean singer Yeahwon Shin steps forward in her debut appearance on ECM, Lua Ya (ECM B0019045-02). The unusual yet hauntingly beautiful set pits Yeahwon's pure-toned voice with pianist Aaron Parks and accordionist Rob Curto for a program of songs with modern introspective ECM style accompaniment.

The songs are in part ones remembered from Ms. Shin's youth, some suggested by the instrumentalists, and some improvised on the spot.

In the end a rather ravishing and gently flowing set evolves before your ears. Parks and Curto do a terrific job setting up the reflective sounds and Ms. Shin produces for us a retrospective, dreamy musical world where time virtually disappears to be replaced by rubato space.

Yeahwon Shin and company create some magic on this album. Be prepared to be intrigued.

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