Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Daniel Blacksberg Trio, Perilous Architecture

Today, a refreshing return to No Business and their limited edition vinyl releases. Only 300 copies of trombonist Daniel Blacksberg's Trio doing Perilous Architecture (NBLP 76) have been pressed. Yet the quality of the music belies what will be its scarcity. I don't know much about Daniel save that he sounds very good here, burred and blazing, ranged out and acrobatic, free and idiomatically trombon-esque. He is joined by Matt Engle on contrabass and Mike Szekely on drums and they do well in a modern equivalent of "new thing" aero-sweeping.

Daniel supplies the compositional motival head structures and they fit what follows nicely, and vice-versa. This is unpretentious free blowing that comes at you like a palette cleanser, wiping out the residue of whatever you were listening to before and freshening you with something honest and real.

Now I could say more, but why? This is good blowing. No need to spell it out. Blacksberg and trio do it right. Bone lovers will grok! If you aren't a bone lover, you should be...

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