Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Danny Fox Trio, Wide Eyed

Last March 27, 2012 I covered the Danny Fox Trio and their album The One Constant. They are back with a new one, Wide Eyed (Hot Cup 133) and it continues where the last left off. Once again Danny is at the piano, Chris Van Voorst Van Beest is on acoustic bass, and Max Goldman is at the drums.

Like The One Constant, Wide Eyed has a contemporary new jazz feel to it with rock influences and intricate compositional structures, a sort of Bad Plus in categorical terms via how much group structure is called for, but nonetheless with their own original compositional and improvising stance.

Danny composed the 11 pieces you hear; the entire trio had a hand in how they arranged the performances.

As with the last album there is space for open freedom and structure surrounding it. The music hearkens less to Paul Bley or Cecil Taylor new thing approaches and more, if you will, to "progressive" (even I dare say Brubeckian) and "new-music influenced" tendencies.

The compositions are well done and the trio makes a lively sound out of it all.

I recommend you hear these three. This album delivers its own sort of punch. Well done.

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