Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Balkan Clarinet Summit, Many Languages, One Soul

Some musical configurations seem inevitable, yet only after they have already come into existence. Such a group is Balkan Clarinet Summit, a six-member clarinet-reed ensemble comprised of virtuosos of the clarinet stylings indigenous to the Balkans region and also present in other parts of Eastern Europe, Turkey and the Middle East. The members hail from Greece, Serbia, Romania, Turkey, Italy/Switzerland, and Germany and they are very good at it.

Their album Many Languages, One Soul gives us some beautiful composed music and arrangements that run the gamut of style possibilities, from Klezmer and dance forms outward. Each soloist has his own take on the Balkan style and together they make a confluence that is never anything short of extraordinary.

I won't try and describe the music in detail. It is something that will excite and stimulate anybody who loves the clarinet and of course those who know and love the Balkan style.

Get this one if some psychic tickler is going off in your head. You will not be disappointed!

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