Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Hugues Vincent, Yasumune Morishige, Fragment

Several days ago here I posted on Bobun, a new music improv duet of Frantz Loriot (viloa) and Hugues Vincent (cello). Today we have Hugues Vincent and Yasumune Morishige both on cello for a nine-part avant improv offering called Fragment (Improvising Beings 28).

It once again enters rarefied realms of sensuously alive timbre color with the dual cello sonance out front and on occasion coming through as a bit more busily continuous and expressive in the extended techniques realm.

The duo achieves a remarkable, overtone-rich presence that fills you with the sound possibilities of string on bow, on fingers and the wooden resonance of the cello bodies. I will not attempt here to inventory the wide variety of playing techniques. They are explored thoroughly and creatively in contrasting segments that provide a cello music on the extreme but sonorous edge of the avant world.

The end point is not just that it is "outside" the mainstream, but of course that it excels as it dwells there.

After quite a few listens I have grown fond rather than tired of this one. It brings the organic sonic universe to life in fascinating ways that are a testament to the creative and musical powers of Vincent and Morishige. Listen to this if you will! It is worth your time.

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