Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Vicente / Marjamaki, Opacity

We have up today some contemporary ambient avant jazz from Vicente / Marjamaki on a live album called Opacity (Jacc Records). The premise is straightforward. Jari Marjamaki creates live electronic washes as a backdrop for the solo trumpet work of Luis Vicente. They are joined by electric guitar for two pieces (Pedro Madaleno or Marcelo dos Reis) and cello (Miguel Mira or Valentin Ceccaldi) for the rest.

One cut has a pronounced rock feel a la post-Miles ("Got That Zing"). "Pollock was Right" has a driving rhythmic feel as well. The others are more cosmically ambient and free-based. Vicente shows his mettle on trumpet nicely. He chooses his notes wisely and has a contemporary sound that shows a little Miles, perhaps a shade of Cherry and Dixon, and a bit of post-Brownian brassiness, all with his own personal amalgam and improvisatory clout.

Marjamaki's electronics are orchestral at times, always varied and contrasting, vivid and spacy. His use of electronically generated drums at times adds a fourth dimension tastefully and thoughtfully.

The addition of guitar and/or cello is integral to the music, with all involved contributing nicely.

It is music that coheres, creates various sound color mixtures and does it all for a program of interest and character.

Well done. If you appreciate some electronics in the mix this one will find you intrigued I suspect. Recommended.

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