Friday, May 6, 2011

Bones & Tones: Hip Percussive Afro-Jazz

Bones & Tones (Freedom Art 52964) has something very good going on. Their first, self-titled album brings the effectively grooved percussion intricacies of M'boom with African elements and contemporary jazz. That is no doubt due to the talents and proclivities of the quartet: Abdou Mboup on percussion, vocals and kora; Lloyd Haber on marimba, bells, percussion; Jaribu Shahid on contrabass and percussion; and Warren Smith (a founder of M'boom among many other things) on vibes and percussion.

This is a formidable group on paper. They do not let down on disk.

Eight originals grace this program. The two-mallet team of Haber and Smith, the rich-toned, in the pocket bass anchorage of Mr. Shahid and the vibrantly convincing Afro-elements from Abdou Mboup make for very lively listening (and certainly dancing if you feel the urge).

Bones and Tones brings to your speakers music every bit worthy of the reputations of the members. Get an earful and you'll be coming back for more! Highly recommended.

And happy birthday to Mr. Warren Smith!

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