Thursday, December 15, 2011

Marquis Hill, "New Gospel" Gives A New Wrinkle to the Old Idea of Funk (in The Horace Silver Sense)

OK, we are cooking today with a vibratory excre- sence-from-good-places, namely Marquis Hill's New Gospel (self released). I can't find the press sheet for this one but no matter. I don't NEED to know. Because my ears tell me all I need. And if the ears don't tell you something all the talking in the world will not be of any use.

This is an album of Mr. Hill's earthy tunes, his hardbopped concept and his classically bop-brassed trumpet stylings. Oh, and there are six other cats doing a fine job: alto, tenor, piano, guitar, acoustic bass and drums.

It's funk in that old Horace Silver sense of plenty of gospel-soul charged natural born pounds of goodness. And when that works today, it's just fresh enough to get you there again and has the soul that transcends time and period. That's what is going on here. It's the Bluenoteyist thing going without sounding like they are just stuck in something.

There's 36 minutes of it. Just enough. You don't NEED to know who these cats are. Just that these cats ARE. "Bells, ding-dong," as Lester would have said.

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