Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Geoff Vidal, "She Likes That," Contemporary Jazz From A New Tenor

There's a group of tenor saxists coming up these days that have affinities with Lovano, Brecker, Garzone, Potter and Bergonzi. It's a language and sound they have in common and a base from which they work off of. One of them, a very good one, is Geoff Vidal. He has a debut recording for us, She Likes That (Arts & Music Factory), and it's one to hear. Geoff wrote the material for the session, plays the tenor and heads the Quintet of tenor-trumpet-guitar-contrabass-drums.

These are new names to me but they are good players all. A contemporary set is what's happening, with rhythmic swing-rock-motion, good soloing all around and nicely turned compositional-harmonic-melodic vehicles to work off of. Joe Hundertmark's guitar has an electricity and a sophistication that combines a hint of rock vibrancy with the complete jazz guitarist's grasp of advanced modern jazz practice, and a little bit of Abercrombian tone on occasion. He works well off of Geoff's noteful and soulful soloing.

She Likes That is an auspicious beginning for someone who could become important to the music as time goes forward. It of course depends upon how much and how thoroughly he finds his inner voice. We'll see, but for now we have a very good listen.

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