Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Jeremy Long, In Suspension

The organ trio, as we who listen to what's coming out well-know, is undergoing a revival. Much of the music is "in the tradition," hearkening and paying tribute to the classic era of what went before.

Not all that many are carving new or staking out lesser explored territories within the form. Jeremy Long is one, on In Suspension (Innova 827). Jeremy is a tenor who has a kind of hardness in his sound and an aggressively swinging quality, something that Joe Henderson did so well. Long's compositions take the organ trio to contemporary places.

Drummer Jason Tiemann gets a groove happening in a modern way and can do some hip soloing too. Organist Steven Snyder goes beyond the Jimmie Smith, et al, mode into a post-middle-period-Larry-Young sort of feel.

This is not cutting edge avant jazz. What it is is very competent, enjoyable, contemporary mainstream mid-late Blue Note style grooving, organ trio mode. And that's a pleasure to hear.

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