Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Jonas Kullhammar, Torbjorn Zetterberg, Espen Aalberg, Basement Sessions Volume 1

Creative modern improvised music has become a world phenomena. Anyone who listens to the total output in the genre in the last 20 years will be impressed, surely, with the development of players young and old who call the United States home, but the rest of the world is producing very good to excellent players in increasing numbers.

It's of course been true of Europe for a long time. Today we look at a sax trio from Northern Europe, and what they did in a set titled Basement Sessions Volume 1 (Clean Feed 246). It's Jonas Kullhammar, tenor and baritone, Torbjorn Zetterberg, double bass, and Espen Aalberg on drums.

Kullhammer has been making a name for himself in a series of recordings. He sounds especially primed on this one. He has sound and he does vertical invention with fluidity and soul. Perhaps the very lively collaboration of his rhythm team-mates inspired him to take things further. Zetterberg is a richly toned, very together player; Aalberg has drive and push on the drums.

It's bluesy, modal, well-heated fare. The blowing vehicles are just right for the blowing that's going on. It's a very good showing from three very promising and together improvisers. It has roots but it blows over them with immediacy. So there you are!

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