Monday, July 23, 2012

Anders Gahnold Trio, Live at the Glenn Miller Cafe, 2008

Ayler Records' Download Series yields treasures for those willing to explore and experiment. I've heard them all at least once and covered many in the various blogs in the past several years. There are still a few left of interest that I'll be discussing in the coming months.

Today, altoist Anders Gahnold and his trio Live at the Glenn Miller Cafe (Ayler Download aylDL-089).

It's Gahnold with Erik Ojala, bass, and John Stahlgren, drums, recorded at the cafe in Stockholm on July 4, 2008.

The sound is clear, the mood good. The trio lets loose on seven blowing tunes. The trio is loose and open; the music is more freebop than free-form, in that there is riff, tonality, rhythmic pulse as a constant.

Sometimes Gahnold and company remind a little of Air, Threadgill's seminal trio, or something the late Thomas Chapin did with this sort of lineup.

In other words Anders plays with fire and thrust in bluesy and jazz-phrased outness while the rhythm section provides strong anchorage yet is loose and fire-y as well.

It's a very nice set and a very good example of Gahnold's convincing way. The download is available only at Ayler Records' website (see link on this page). For a couple of bucks you get something nice here!

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