Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Daniel Barbiero, Not One Nor

Daniel Barbiero is a contrabassist who has a great sensitivity toward, and a talent to realize a poetry in the sometimes latent richness of timbres available on his instrument. Not One Nor (Zeromoon 137) is a net-only EP release that contains two mid-length performances that feature Daniel's adventurous journeys and exploration of the instrument "in its role as a resonating chamber," as the netsite's liners describe it.

The form taken is of discrete sound events, for example an arco sustain of one doublestop bowed to bring out the overtones.

This is music that straddles the grey area between avant improvisation and new music classical. It does so by creating bass resonances as a new musical syntax, as richly textured as electronically enhanced sounds yet produced without alteration. There are some very striking moments.

It is a kind of avant tour de force of sound poetry, with a Zen-Cagean tranquility and focused mindfulness that does not provide the teleological goals and guideposts of a more "western" sort of musical unfolding. It is sensuous yet focused.

Go to (paste the URL in your browser window and hit enter) to find out more about the music and to order.

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