Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Antonio Zambujo, Quinto

Portuguese fado when done properly conveys the melancholic sophistication of saudade, which is the sort of sadness that comes to grips with something or someone that has gone from your life, that you can't have or cannot return to, yet you have a deep longing for.

Antonio Zambujo strikes me as one of the best modern-day fado artists I have heard. He manages to combine the traditional string ensemble sound and saudade-enriched vocals with memorable melodies and innovative arranging touches--like the use of a bass clarinet for part of the record. And his voice is strong, matter-of-fact yet moving.

What record? Quinto (World Village). It's a beautiful recital. Whether you know fado intimately or are new to it, you will find Quinto a thing of beauty. Really.

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