Thursday, April 4, 2013

Jeffrey Hayden Shurdut, My Mother is My Spaceship

Those familiar with the avant jazz of Jeffrey Hayden Shurdut know him as a bandleader who finds the right combination of people to create music of consistent free advancement, as a pianist and guitarist, but perhaps not as a saxophonist. I hadn't until having the pleasure to hear his CD-ROM My Mother is My Spaceship (JaZt Tapes CD-033), a relatively new one in the Artist's Promotion Release series.

Jeffrey takes up the alto for the course of a trio set. He is joined by Gene Janas on contrabass and Matt Luczak on drums.

There are 14 relatively brief segments, all in a free zone. The recording quality is decent. What counts is that the three are motored into energetically avant territory, that the trio sounds just right and that Shurdut is convincing on alto. He has a post-Aylerian, strident attack and comes through with heat and sound vibrancy.

There is music of this sort that simply works well in what it sets out to do. This is one of them.

As with the other releases in this series, it is available in a limited edition. To find out more about the release and the series paste the following URL into your browser: and hit enter.

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