Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Craig Taborn Trio, Chants

Pianist Craig Taborn is on a roll. He's been really coming into his own of late. Now with a trio recording, Chants (ECM 2326), he puts it all together. Craig brings in Thomas Morgan on acoustic bass and Gerald Cleaver at the drums.

The trio get to it with a set of nicely thought-out originals. Craig uses a variety of pianistic devices all in original ways. In addition to the contemporary post-bop/avant/harmonically sophisticated pallet of techniques there is at times a contrapuntal approach, minimalist repetition and an all-over sense of adventure throughout.

Some gorgeous ballad playing alternates with energetic forays.

The entire album is a model of what a modern piano trio can be all about, and most certainly is here. It bears the stamp of originality and at the same time envelops the listener in sounds to enrich and enliven.

And the ECM sound is fabulous.

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