Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Jeffrey Hayden Shurdut, YAD

Jeffrey Hayden Shurdut gets a froth whipped up for his avant ensemble on the JaZt Tapes CD-rom YAD (036). Jeffrey has something going on alto in tandem with a fairly large eight-piece ensemble that includes contrabass, electric guitar, bass clarinet, drums, violin, trombone and tuba (doubling on flugelhorn and pocket trumpet). The music is entirely extemporized, so it would seem. This is a creative bunch so it's not according to any formula.

It's a patented Shurdut free blow-out with plenty of room for texture and color. There is a live ambiance that comes out of the Downtown Gallery, NYC, performance (on July, 2012) that this CD documents.

If you like the free zone with the heft of a larger ensemble you will like this.

This, as all JaZt Tapes, is a limited artist's promotional release. Go to for more information.

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